De Colombia para Hong Kong

On April 18, 2014, I played a 30-minute introduction to some Colombian dance music to close an international dance showcase event called Moving Sounds, Leisure Motions – Get On Your Feet at the Fringe Club in Central, Hong Kong.

Moving Sounds Leisure Motions Flyer

The point of this mix was to get everyone up and dancing after watching professional dancers perform in the program. It was really important that the music was accessible and easy to dance to, even if it was foreign. The first track is the only contemporary Colombian piece in the mix, which you can tell from the punchy drum track that tends to pervade all sorts of contemporary music. It is long, simple, repetitive, and maybe a little boring for the listener in his/her home, but in the original context its purpose was to give people space and time to get up and begin to feel comfortable with themselves while dancing. Once people started moving, so could the mix.

I did not make a live recording. This is the same mix, but I made the recording in my flat shortly after the performance.

I’ve tried to stick to things not already on this site :).

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