Colombia has an incredibly diverse musical history.

It has dozens of geographical musical regions, hundreds of traditional genres, a multitude of original instruments and a broad mix of influences ranging from Spanish colonialism to indigenous cultures and the slave trade.  And all of this lies in a country of only fifty million people.

While this unique musical culture is still strong today, enormous quantities of recorded music produced over the course of the 20th century remain exclusively on vinyl records scattered throughout the country.  With the onset of the digital age, these sorts of recordings that remain outside of the “YouTube consciousness” risk being lost.  The purpose of this site is to preserve and share these cultural treasures.

cassette tapes records on bedold record player records piled on a table


My personal story began with a wonderful Colombian language exchange partner named Dayana, who sparked my interest in Colombian musical history.  After years of study and interest from afar, I spent three months of 2013 traveling the country to dig up records and learn about Colombian musical traditions directly from their practitioners.

The music on this site comes from record stores in Bogotá, street vendors in Barranquilla, trash piles in Pereira, antique shops in Santa Marta, and many generous individuals from across the country.  Over the next few years I hope to share over 300 LP recordings, plus a collection of CDs, cassette tapes, and written work.

I hope you enjoy this music as much as I have.


Daniel Vickery

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China / October 1, 2013